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Monday, February 11

The Blog is Back...Again!!!

This week's meeting was full of information and insight regarding fair trade and our other projects. Here are some of the highlights and announcements:

Thursday, February 14: 4PM- Global Justice Week Meeting
LUCAP office
4-7PM- InExchange Valentine's Day Bash
Food, Fun and Fair Trade
Tulane University Center
Saturday, February 16: 8AM- Walk for the Hungry
Meet in the LUCAP Office

Sign up on the board or write Rick
10AM- Green Light New Orleans
Exchange incandescent lightbulbs with CFL's in the homes
of low income families
Sign up on the board or contact Jamie or Rob for more info
Sunday, February 17 11AM Hunger Relief
Meet in the LUCAP office
contact Roy for details

Fair trade seeks to provide a viable and humane economic alternative to the effects of free trade, which often benefits the richest countries while debilitating the economies of developing nations. Check out the In Exchange fair trade store in the Tulane UC to buy fair trade products and contact Erica Trani for other ways you can help!

Also, Catholic Relief Services is very dedicated to promoting fair trade and sustainable economies for developing communities. Their microfinance work is especially commendable as it targets building up communities for women in poor, rural communities.

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Jackie at CRS said...

Thanks so much for the shout out about CRS Fair Trade. We have our own blog too so I invite everyone to sign up for the RSS and our newsletter, which only goes out every other month!