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Monday, March 3

Presidents: Loyola and Abroad

Today's LUCAP meeting is focused on the chief executive. As the nation's primary elections close, the country grows closer to the general election in November. Many LUCAPers have been following the races closely and will lead discussion on various positions of candidates.

This week also marks the start of active campaigning for SGA President at Loyola. LUCAP is having both candidates for SGA President speak at the meeting, giving the candidates a chance to explain their platforms and answer (usually tough) questions. This year, pre-med/finance/sociology student Greg Fontenot (pic above)and political science student Cade Cypriano (pic below) are running to represent the student body.

Be thinking of questions you might want to ask the candidates.

Check out their facebook groups, websites, flyers etc. for ideas on their platforms.

Greg Fontenot: website
Cade Cypriano: website

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