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Thursday, May 1

NOLA residents want recycling, survey says

Over the past few months, the city of New Orleans conducted an opinion poll on attitudes toward a city-wide recycling program. The results are in and they're awesome:

  • 10,000 households responded of 120,000 households
  • 9,000 (of 10,000) households indicated they would "voluntarily subscribe" to a recycling program.
  • When asked how much residents would be willing to pay
    • 2,570 would pay nothing
    • 2,858 from $1 to $3.50 a month
    • 2,127 from $3.50 to $6 a month
    • 1,671 from $6 to $10 a month
    • 772 would pay more than $10 a month
One would think that Sanitation Director Veronica White would take this information and start a kick-ass recycling program. But no - the City has allocated $500,000 toward recycling, which is roughly enough to fund 6 months of pickup. And don't expect glass or cardboard to be picked up. Link.


Woody Rinker said...

Is it possible that among the vast majority of people who didn't answer, there is opposition to recycling?

Chad Carson said...

Guess there's no way to tell.

Anonymous said...

I figure it is because you would actually have to care enough to look into recycling to find the survey on the city's website, not because of opposition. However, there will be bias simply because it is people that care.