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Friday, April 25

Green is Universal

Earth Day was this past Tuesday (the same day as our lovely banquet). While watching an enthralling episode of "Law and Order: Special Vicitms Unit" I saw a commercial for NBC Universal's Earth Week. With tv shows that give you tips on making your everyday life more green and ways that you can make a difference, Green Week promotes slogans like, "Big Ideas for a Small Planet," "Green is Universal," and "Awareness. Activism. Results." Check here for more information and their end-of-the-week update.

Happy Greenification!

1 comment:

Chad Carson said...

These tips for greening ones life hardly hit upon the real problems: that our entire society has progressed in an unsustainable way. I'm siding with Dr. John Clark on this one to say that we need to complete and total restructuring of our production and consumption, world-wide.

The only thing that that buying a Prius will do in the grand scheme of things is make the driver feel better about themselves. Happiness equals complacency.

Toyota should put out an ad campaign saying:

not driving > Driving a prius > driving a car