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Tuesday, April 22

Social Justice for Life Expectancy?

Overall, the United States has a relatively high life expectancy; women have a couple of years on men. However, as the article posted below shows, that overall number is not the same across the United States:

The study found that 4 percent of the male population and 19 percent of the female population experienced either declines or stagnation in their life expectancy in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Although this deadly trend is mostly centered in the southern parts of the nation, several largely rural counties in Washington – Cowlitz, Lewis, Benton and Grays Harbor – are also on the verge of seeing a decline in overall life span.

Surely, there's something to be said for where the life expectancy is lowest: southern parts of the nation (yes, that includes us!) and in some rural counties. What does this say about the (lack of) quality of life in our own nation? Why are these areas targeted?

Check out the full article for more information.

yours in wondering why some people live longer than others,

1 comment:

Chad Carson said...

Its been said that my generation will be the first to live a shorter life than their parents.

I'm not sure about the South and rural areas having lower life expectancies. Probably something like people all over the USA tend to eat terribly, but only the rich have the time and money to go to the gym after that McDonalds combo meal.

Its certainly cheaper to buy junk food than nutritious foods, so again the poor are given the shaft on health.