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Tuesday, January 15

How is New Orleans doing?

The Brookings Institution has been releasing quarterly (occassionally monthly) reports about the status of important indicators in and around New Orleans surrounding housing, the economy, population, and other demographics. Beyond being a very useful research tool, it provides a good snapshot of where the city is, and where some trends say the city is going. Here's the link to the Executive Summary of the newest one, released this week. A few of the most important points:

  • Repopulation has slowed in recent months
  • Public school enrollment grew significantly from fall 06 to fall 07, as did the rate of Hispanic students.
  • More Road Home applicants have received money, but they have received less money than expected.
  • Unemployment rates have become the lowest since the storm.
  • The first library opene dup in St. Bernard since the storm. This is not an important indicator, but just sort of a depressing/uplifting detail
Read through the summary and gain a sense of what is going on right now in the city.

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