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Tuesday, January 8

New Hampshire

The town of Dixville Notch was the first to finish voting and turn in ballots today, according to this foxnews article.

According to this bordering on hilarious article the town "The town has 17 voters — two Democrats, three Republicans and 12 independents. Turnout was 100 percent. Four votes were cast by absentee ballot despite the fact that each voter was given his or her own booth at the town’s single polling station".

Also mentioned in the article were the results." McCain with 4 votes, Mitt Romney with 2 votes, Rudy Giuliani with 1 vote. Those were the only Republican votes cast". And on the Democrat side, "Obama won a landslide 7 votes compared with 2 for John Edwards, one for Bill Richardson and none for Hillary Clinton".

Lets see if this small town adequately predicts the N.H. primary.

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