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Wednesday, January 23

Jesuits elect new Superior General

On Saturday Jan 19 the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) elected a new Superior General, the leader of their order.  The new Superior General is Father Adolfo Nicolás, a Spaniard who has lived most of his life in service to the people of Japan.

It was a rare step for a Superior General to resign as the the position carries a lifetime term.

Many people in the Jesuit community are suggesting that Nicolás may be more akin to the radical former Superior General Pedro Arrupe than his more conservative predecessor Peter Hans Kolvenbach.

Its super-hard to find a photo of the new leader and I may be completely wrong, but I believe the photo below is Fr. Adolfo.

Time Magazine reports "Will the new 'black pope' work?"

1 comment:

Bob Payne said...

I was going to say that the new Superior General does not look black, and that Time Magazine is doing some increasingly irresponsible and incorrect headline-creating and reporting. Then, I read the first sentence of the Time article. I wish my initial suspicion had been correct, for humor's sake.