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Thursday, December 6

Break Free!

"But it is what all the downtown bleachers and uptown brownings and Jamaica Whites don't say that they all seem to want most deeply. That is to be something other than poor ad black."

I would suggest, in relation to that quote you take a look at this pdf.

After reading that, next time you are at a grocery store or a wal-mart, take a loot at the ethnic products section and see what you fine.

I'll leave you all with this Tancredo campaign video, you can judge what this means, I don't even need to add my own opinion.


Chad Carson said...

Skin bleaching is also pervasive in India. Recently, Bollywood megastar Shahrukh Khan endorsed a bleaching cream.

Completely unconscionable.

Rob Harman said...

Of course it is. Everywhere people want to be white.

White supremacist colonization has proven to be one of the most effective attempts at domination ever seen.

We can also take a loot at trends in Asia of getting surgery to remove the distinctions around the eye.