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Wednesday, December 19

Call the City Council TODAY!

As a New Orleans resident, you have a powerful way to help. Tomorrow, the New Orleans City Council is scheduled to vote on whether or not to permit HUD to carry out its demolitions. Several council members are on the fence, and your voice can influence their vote. Please join us in calling on them to vote against these reckless, premature demolitions and insist on a rebuilding plan that is fair and good for all New Orleanians.

Calling is simple and takes only a few minutes. Here are the key New Orleans City Council members and their offices:

Arnie Fielkow: (504) 658-1060
Cynthia Hedge-Morrell: (504) 658-1040
Shelley Midura: (504) 658-1010
When you call, you can use the script below or write your own.
Once you've called, please let us know by emailing
Script: Hello. My name is [Your Name], and I'm calling to urge [Councilperson's Name] to vote against permitting HUD to demolish public housing units in New Orleans. HUD's plans are flawed and unfair and would greatly reduce affordable housing in the city, making the housing crisis worse.
Until HUD creates a plan that provides 1-to-1 replacement of public housing and deals with the current criminal investigation of HUD and the HANO redevelopment plan, there should be no demolitions.

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