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Friday, December 14

from comments: Tell Loyola How You Feel about Quigley

As many of you know, Bill Quigley is a noted civil rights attorney and professor at Loyola Law School.  He is providing legal counsel for residents of public housing in New Orleans and has brought numerous cases against HANO and HUD to keep public housing available in the city.

There's a story on about protesters blocking an entrance to a federal building, which is notable, but the interesting part is a comment.  The poster calls for people to call Loyola University and complain that Bill Quigley is "tarnishing the reputation of the institution and it is not appreciated." He continues that "his experiment in Civil Disobedience needs to end. He has crossed the line."   (As a side note, the use of "crossed the line" is funny, considering Quigley is also the legal counsel for the School of the Americas Watch)

View that hilarious comment.

Bill Quigley and the Gillis Long Poverty Law Center that he runs at Loyola Law are some of the best things Loyola has going for it.  Its an example of Loyola holding to its mission of being men and women with and for others. I feel that if Loyola is truly doing its radical mission to take our values of of the ivory tower of education and put them into action in the community, there would be more comments like this one.

I'm going to call Loyola and tell Wildes how I feel about Quigley.  

I'm going to tell him I'm very proud.  


Jamie Broussard said...

I, too, am proud that Bill is part of the Loyola community. If potential students are actually deterred from applying to Loyola because of his affiliation with us, we don't want those students anyway!

Rob Harman said...

This is ridiculous.

We need to start leaving comments on that article defending Loyola University and Bill Quigley.

It would be simpyl ridiculous if we allowed outsiders to tarnish the reputation of our school.

I cannot thing of one institution whose reputation has been tarnished by the work of a controversial activist. Infact those instutions are some of the most prestigious in the country.

Howard University graduated countless Black Activists such as Stokley Carmichael, Toni Morrison, and Ossie Davis.

Princeton has Cornell West as a professor.

UC Santa Cruz has Angela Davis.

Howard Zinn is a professor at Boston University.

The list is endless.

Infact I believe having more radical involved professors will probably only increase our prestige and attract more students. Something we are not doing right now.