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Saturday, December 1

Important LUCAP meeting Monday: Danna Center Renovations

Just to catch everyone up...

This past Wednesday LUCAP was informed that we would have to move out of our current office by December 15th (or earlier) and move into the old New Student Orientation office along with Christian Life Communities (CLC). We were told that these changes were necessary in order for Danna Center renovations to remain on schedule.

At least three problems are evident in this plan: First, we were given very short notice during a time in the semester that is already extremely busy with finals and other end of the semester preparatons. Secondly, we have not been invited to be a part of the discussion and decision-making with the regard to our needs for spaces. Finally, LUCAP has yet to be given any assurance that we will have our own space in the future in order to operate as we do now.
That said, Chris Cameron, director of Co-Curricular programs, has agreed to meet with us during our meeting time this Monday at 5 in order to discuss these plans with us. I would like to say that LUCAP has not agreed to any course of action and will not do so until after this discussion has taken place and some of our questions are answered. I would like to invite everyone in LUCAP to be a part of this discussion, ESPECIALLY any underclassmen who will be part of LUCAP in the future and will be most effected by these changes.

I realize that these changes came as a surprise to many, and I am sorry for any additional stress that this process has caused. Please, feel free to post a comment on this blog or e-mail me at if you have thoughts or questions on this matter. Thank you for all that you do everyday to help LUCAP and Loyola at large, and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

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Chad Carson said...

I feel this meeting going into the wee hours of the morning. Good thing I've got my sleeping bag.