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Tuesday, December 4

LUCAP's final home still uncertain

First, thank you to all the LUCAP and community members who came to our Monday meeting with Chris Cameron regarding our office and the Danna Center revisions. There was a large Freshman presence at the meeting, as there has been at all our events this year (y'all are awesome).

Below is a quick summary of the discussion that unfolded:

Mr. Cameron began with a slideshow of the proposed renovations of the Danna Center. It was full of beautiful visuals showing the renovated spaces around the building. Cameron said that in redesigning the building, the new student center should "reflect the core values of our institution." He explained that the process for renovating the building and assigning space has been entirely fluid and that there is no cohesive plan yet for the building. Cameron emphasized that "its not like there is some evil plan to be sprung on (LUCAP) and no final plans have been made."

Cameron first asked LUCAP what our needs are. Many LUCAP students spoke and explained how our space fosters critical reflection, offers a safe space, provides us with a place for our constant meetings, and has fostered LUCAP's growth. LUCAP said that our dedicated space is critical to our functioning and isn't optional. Afterwards, Cameron summarized our points to ensure nothing was misconstrued. Staff members expressed their dismay with the lack of communication between LUCAP and the administration during the planning process which Cameron will attempt to address by forming a committee to collect student input.

LUCAP stated that it opposes a move to a final space that isn't a space of our own with "four walls and a door." Cameron declined to promise LUCAP a dedicated space as it requested. When LUCAP asked who we could appeal to to secure our space, Cameron could not provide a definite answer beyond himself.

Mr Cameron committed he'd find the answers to our questions and meet with us again on Friday.

LUCAP is scheduled to move to the New Student Orientation office as a temporary space.  The move will occur December 15.  A final space has yet to be determined.

1 comment:

Rob Harman said...

Its times like these I feel we need to not get bogged down in what often translates as disdain for LUCAP.

We have to remember, no matter how obvious it may seem at times that the administration does not like us, that we are more than "four walls and a door".

We are an organization made up of like minded individuals with a borader goal of social, political, and economic justice for all.

An attempt at knocking our legs out from underneath us by moving our office will simply fail, because those like minded individuals will be on this campus if we have "four walls and a door" or not.