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Tuesday, December 4

Mental Health in New Orleans

Check out this article on post-Katrina mental health.


Anonymous said...

Short and sweet. Just like Mark.

Bob Payne said...

I think this article actually doesn't really tell us a whole lot. I believe that every single statistic cited only pertains to mental health in the month after the storm, and that the mental health problems roughly were similar to the problems that occur because of other disasters. But the real story that is not discussed here is the continuing mental health problem in the city. The study cited in this article may have been useful in, say November 2005. But now? I don't see why ig ets play in the NYT. On the other hand, since it reads as an indictment of mental health care in the city of New Orleans--even though the study never addressed that issue--I suppose it does a good by shining a spotlight on an important issue. But this was an odd read.