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Thursday, December 6

Maroon coverage of Monday's meeting

The online edition of the Maroon is out, and an article covering Monday's LUCAP meeting that focused on LUCAP's potential relocation was featured on the front page.

I think that the article is pretty thorough, though I don't think its title ("LUCAP asked to leave office temporarily: Move suposed to make way for renovations") embodies the controversy of the meeting, or the article. Otherwise, I feel like LUCAP was well-represented.

Unfortunately, the article doesn't end with any conclusion. But that isn't Lauren LaBorde's fault; that was the nature of our meeting. I think she sums it up well in saying "the pervading sentiment among the group seemed to be that of uncertainty."

Let's hope tomorrow's meeting with Chris gives us some direction.

1 comment:

Chad Carson said...

I too take issue with the headline.

Then I thought about the fact that Cameron never mentioned what the standing plan was for LUCAP after the "swing space." LaBorde was never a part of that conversation, nor was most of LUCAP.

I think the Friday meeting with brings things to light for LUCAP and the Loyola community.